You want a reliable implementation completed within the agreed time?

Experience and knowledge
We have been supporting Pantheon since 2005.
Stable team
The size of our team and its experience make it much easier for you to switch to a new program.
Project approach
Ensures that the implementation is completed on time.
Own project methodology
We make implementations according to the methodology that we have developed on the basis of many years of experience and based on world accepted practice.
// Implementation

Introducing business software into your company

Implementation is the process of introducing business software into your company. For successful implementation, the commitment of the company’s management, readiness for change, selection of the right software, implementation methodology and selection of partners are important. The implementation process is conducted through the project according to the project methodology developed in the image of world practice.

The implementation process takes place through the following stages:

  1. Project preparation involves forming a joint project team, supervisory board, project leader and teams, preparing the necessary resources and defining project objectives
  2. Conducting interviews for your employees, key users for all business processes that are the subject of implementation
  3. Development and acceptance of the conceptual design of the solution (Business Blue Print document)
  4. System setup and development of specific solutions
  5. Testing of all business processes and acceptance of solutions
  6. Final preparation (Cut over) includes training of all users, data migration, final adjustments of the program
  7. Go live
  8. Post-productive support of one month, which is necessary for the successful completion of the implementation
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