e-invoicing for Pantheon; How to send a Invoice from Pantheon?

You need to simplify and improve your business? You need to fulfill your legal obligation to send electronic invoices to Serbian government institutions? Do you use large amounts of paper?
We have a solution for you. Using Pantheon and the Moj e-račun service, we help customers improve their business with significant savings, using electronic invoices.

Advantages of e-invoicing

The main advantage of e-invoicing is savings of 60 to 80 percent compared to invoicing processes on paper. By switching to the use of e-invoicing, you will reduce input errors, shorten processing and have better control over cash flow.
• Lower costs and faster return on investment;
• More efficient processes and greater compliance;
• Secure exchange of all invoices through encrypted transfer procedures;
• More stable cash flow;
• Full transparency and fast postings of invoices;
• Compliance with legal requirements in the field of B2B and B2G e-invoicing

What does an e-invoice contain?

Each e-invoice must contain:
• date of issue of the invoice,
• invoice number,
• date of goods and services renderd,
• VAT number or personal identification number of the issuer,
• full name and address of the issuer of the invoice,
• VAT number or PIB of the recipient,
• full name and address of the invoice recipient,
• type of goods / services,
• type / quantity of delivered goods or type / scope of service,
• taxable amount at the rate or exemption,
• unit price without VAT,
• discounts if any (except unit price),
• Tax rate,
• total amount of VAT.

Functioning of e-invoice systems in practice

The electronic invoice system is a database in which electronic invoices are registered and submitted.
Both creditors and debtors have access to this system. This way of functioning will lead to transparent insight into invoices on both sides. That way, the debtors will not have the opportunity to say that the payment was not made because some invoice did not arrive.

Registration of each invoice is mandatory. At the moment when the electronic invoice is registered, it will be considered that it has been delivered to the debtor.

Pantheon and e-invoice

Using the ERP Pantheon accounting program and e-invoice, it is possible to forward all invoices to the user with the necessary security, simplicity, transparency and compliance with legal requirements. Legal obligation in Serbia from 01.05.2022. is for all companies to issue electronic invoices to public companies. From 2023, it will be an obligation for all companies to receive and send invoices to all companies.

All you need is implemented Pantheon and your registration on the My e-account service. If you have not yet implemented Pantheon the most widespread business software, you can contact us to help you go through the process easily and take full advantage of this software.
Pantheon users can quickly connect to the My e-invoice service and start sending E-invoices immediately.

Not only meeting the legal obligation in Serbia, but also e-invoices are an improvement that will greatly improve the way we do business, increase security and achieve significant financial and time savings.

If you are interested in applying e-invoices in the Pantheon, contact us.


Gordana Dubajić

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