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Pantheon™ is ERP is more than a bookkeeping program, it is a business information system for fast-growing companies, which invest in stability, advanced functionality and adaptability of the system. A wide range of functionality allows the system to be used by everyone in the company, from management to procurement, sales and accounting. Regardless of your business, Pantheon unites all your business processes in the company.

Pantheon ™ is orderly adjusted – upgraded in accordance with changes in legislation (salaries, VAT, etc.). All changes are automatically transmitted over the Internet quickly and easily!

We know that timely support is crucial, therefore there are several types of support available to the user, from completely free support in the form of instructions to professional assistance in solving specific tasks by certified consultants.

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Why choose Pantheon™?

Unique data base
Regardless of the number of administrative units, all information is collected into a central database.
Integration of information about orders
Follow orders from the moment they are received until the moment of goods delivery and invoice sending.
Detailed user manual
Over 70,000 pages of documentation in over 10 languages.
Open system
It can be integrated with your existing specialized programs.
User authorizations
You can define access rights in detail for each user or group.
Pantheon consultants
Satisfied users
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ERP system, for complete information support


PANTHEON Manufacture is a production management program, intended to help in comprehensively and effectively managing the processes in your company. Follow and optimize every step of production: from raw materials, semi-finished products to the final product. A business information system that connects and enhances all aspects of your business with the aim that production, business processes and employees act as a single entity.


A modern and user-friendly solution for retail work enables the monitoring of turnover according to various criteria and control over the work of retail. Advanced PC cash registers PANTHEON Retail work independently or connected to the network and offer unlimited possibilities for promotions and discounts.


The PANTHEON business program ensures that you have an insight into the state of stocks and orders at any time. The warehouse is connected to other departments in the company, therefore the work is done much faster. Reglated business, well-established processes and a reliable program enable the order to reach customers without delay. It is time to focus your resources on the growth of the company.

Book keeping agency

VAT calculation, salary calculation, reports to state institutions, balance sheets and travel orders, posting and a large customer base can be a recipe for chaos in a bookkeeping agency. The powerful bookkeeping program PANTHEON Accounting introduces harmony in the working day and improves the efficiency of bookkeeping. The work is done quickly and automatically with minimum during preparation.

Public sector

Public institutions as budget users have specific needs, primarily in accounting and human resources. The PANTHEON Public Service business program respects this and enables public institutions to operate transparently and in accordance with regulations.


Using a business program, you have all the necessary information at your fingertips. Receipt and invoicing, cost and revenue overview are available in just a few clicks. A simple user interface makes it easy for all users to work with. A complete insight into the state of business delights the management, and a quality business program contributes to customer satisfaction. Believe in the solution with which people come first.


One higher level

Significant increase in productivity, reduction of costs, adequate monitoring of business trends, the creation of short-term and long-term plans and strategies …

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What we offer you?


Over 65,000 people use Pantheon every day for many years, in companies of various industries, while Connect Software Solutions doo Premium is a partner for over 15 years.


Fully adjusted to the accounting regulations of Serbia as well as countries in the region, which saves you time in preparing statutory reports for your company.


The business program is localized and legally harmonized for a large number of countries; manage your branches and international business. The entire corporation can use the same business information system which facilitates reporting.


If you have software solutions that you need to integrate with PANTHEON business software or create new solutions, you can count on our experienced team of consultants and developers.


We want to give you free support for PANTHEON to get to know us better, without any obligations from your side. We provide existing PANTHEON users with answers and solutions to the set requirements.


Do you want a program that covers all business processes in your company?

Pantheon is used by a large number of users, which guarantees the stability and coverage of all standard business processes. Before you decide for solution, we will show you all your business processes through the Pantheon. This way, before purchasing business software, you will get a picture of how well the Pantheon suits you.


Your business process is specific and you can't find a available solution?

Of course, if during the presentation of business software functionalities you need we find that you have a specificity that the standard Pantheon cannot respond to, then we make an assessment to develop a solution on demand. Our development team, independent of software vendors, can develop specific solutions integrated with Pantheon. This will also automate your specific business processes that are not covered by Pantheon software, and will be part of a single system.

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Start solving the problem!

Let’s talk about how to improve your business. Explain your business and your needs; in such conversations we can share your experiences of how we have solved similar problems with our customers who are engaged in a similar activity as your company. 

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Check out how we have solved our users' problems

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